Friday, 17 July 2009

triathlon coming up!

I haven't been particularly good about blogging about my triathlon training, but at least I've been a bit better about actually DOING the training (sort of). The tri's coming up in just over 2 weeks, so I've started worrying about what I need for the big day.

I haven't received my pack yet, but I've found out my number is 8446, and I'm in the 12.40 wave (so lucky, as I could have been in the 6.30 wave!!!).

I was finally able to get a (beautiful) bike, as my co-worker's boyfriend is a bike mechanic. It's amazing, and a proper road bike!

I also took a trip into Eastbourne today, and got myself a two piece tri suit, with a separate top and bottom, which can be worn under my wetsuit. They're pretty snazzy! I also picked up a number belt so I don't have to fiddle with my 8446.

And yesterday, I went for my first ocean swim in the UK!!! I'm using R's hand-me-down surfing wetsuit, which actually fits me pretty well (it's a little loose, but does the trick). I forgot how tiring ocean swims can be! While the waves weren't too big, the water in Brighton is always quite choppy, and the current was pretty strong. I drank a lot of water, and got a lot of kelp in my face. Blurg. But all in all, it felt good to stretch out in the sea, and practice swimming outdoors. It was good to train in this, as the water will be much calmer and smoother on the actual day, as I'm swimming in the docklands.

Zonko will also be around for my tri, which makes me very happy! This is the first big race I've ever done, so it's great to have some support (R's coming, too, of course!) I'm already planning my big milkshake and burger when I finish. Yum.

(this will be me in 16 days!)