Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Trip the 'burgh

Last weekend, R and I headed up to Edinburgh for my friend Zonko's birthday. It worked out really well, we took the first flight up (7am) and the last flight back on Monday 8th (9.30pm). So we had three full days to enjoy Scotland! I've been to Edinburgh a couple times since the wedding last year, but R hadn't been back since, so it was nice to go together again.

We were really lucky, the weather in Edinburgh was nicer than down south in Brighton (never ever happens). After we arrived on Saturday morning we had breakfast with Leashie at Two Thin Laddies and then went our old haunt, The Cameo, for a few sunny drinks. That evening, we went to North Berwick for Zonko's birthday BBQ. So so yum! We had burgers and chicken and sausages and cupcakes and potato salad and much much more!

birthday cupcakes!

Leashie and Zonko
Zonko and me

Then on Sunday, we enjoyed the sunshine and went to Hailes Castle by a little river. We went for a little double date meal at the Curry buffet (classy!). So delish! I haven't had Indian in forever!

Leashie, Zonko and me, in the 'window'
enjoying the view of the river

Then on Monday, we had a lovely posh breakfast for Zonko's birthday with AMAZING sausages, eggs, toast and champagne! Yum yum. Afterwards, we left North Berkwick and headed back to Edinburgh to do a picnic on the Meadows with Claire and other Cameo folk. It was so great being back. Even though we left Edinburgh 2 years ago, it still really feels like home. We haven't seen a lot of Cameo folk since the wedding last year, but it's just so great to to slip back into it. I really miss all those folk, and I really miss Edinburgh!

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