Monday, 29 June 2009


Oh man, I'm knackered. My friend from work, Hannah, texted me this weekend to see if I'd be interested in playing 5-a-side football (soccer) with some folks on Monday. I didn't really know what to expect, but thought it would be fun to change up my work outs a bit and have some fun. We actually played down at the beach, on dry sand and barefoot. It was really fun! But I haven't played soccer since I was about 10, so it really tired me out. It was only 3x12 minute sessions, but we didn't have any subs, so we played the whole match. It was 3 blokes (who knew how to play) and me and Hannah (who didn't), so we were a bit crap, but it was nice to run around at the beach having a laugh! I'll definitely go again to play, and hopefully R will come along next time.

They also do beach volleyball at this place, so I think I'll drop in for a Saturday session. I actually used to play beach volleyball a bit during my swimming/lifeguarding days, so it would be nice to play something I'm actually good at! Here's to summer and summer sports, yippee!

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