Saturday, 20 June 2009

teensy weensy itty bitty hangover

Blurg, feeling ever so slightly rough this morning. But well worth it, I had a great time last night! As an old married lady, who lives far away from all of her lady friends, I just tend not to go out as much. So it was fun getting ready last night, putting on cute dresses and doing my makeup, having a few drinks. R and I met Laura from work on the way down to the Great Eastern pub near the station, where we met up with some more co-workers, Natasha and Tom (Tash n' Tom, so cute!). Super cool pub, by the way, with all sorts of American whiskeys and bourbons available, and different rockibilly and bluegrass music nights on. I'll definitely go back!

Then we were off to Born Bad which is billed as:

A wild and sexy night of delinquent rhythms.
Red hot rockabilly, 50s rock'n'roll, 6Ts garage and girl groups,
surf, sleaze, bop and exotica for discerning hep cats and kittens.

Very fun! Ran into a few more peeps from work, Lottie, Chris and Ruth, and danced the night away. My feet are very sore indeed! And with £2.50 pints, my head's feeling slightly tender. The robe is on, the crochet is out, and the tea has been poured. Ready to nothing at all today!

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