Monday, 2 February 2009

i <3 snowy days

As you may have heard, Britain's had it's biggest snowfall in a bazillion years. Awesome! And it's even settling in Brighton, on the beach! We enjoyed our snowy evening by visiting the beach last night. This morning was so amazing, the roads were empty, and it was just powder everywhere. Unfortunately, by lunch, it's just turned to slush, and by evening, ice. It's supposedly supposed to continue tonight, but we'll see. Anyway, it's awesome!

And the best part? The decision to get Bailey's and make naughty coffees! 4 down, who knows how many to go?


  1. You realise, the only reason the UK is getting any snow is because I AM STUCK IN AMERICA! Just watch...I'll return, and the snow will vanish, leaving instead just rain and winds of death.


  2. hahahahaha... Riki looks like he's in PAIN. shampies!