Friday, 30 January 2009

take THAT pifco

What is this, you may be asking yourself. Well, that is exactly what Ronan and I were thinking Wednesday night for the pub quiz. Luckily, it was this little bad boy that won us the quiz.

After an okay Science & Nature round (10/16 points), and a great music round (32/32 using our joker) we get to the picture round. Now we know everything else, but we can't for the life of us figure out what this film is. That definitely looks like a picture of a naked man at the bottom. And in B&W we couldn't figure out if it was the beach (looks like sand) or snow (they all seem dressed in big coats). A bit more squinting lead us to realise perhaps they were asian (hey, she looks like Lauren!). More thinking, more thinking. The only asian british stuff I could think of was Bend it Like Beckham (which this most certainly is not). Then Ronan said, well isn't there an asian film called Bhaji on the Beach? Ehhhhh, what? 'Is it by the chick who did Bend it Like Beckham?' 'I dunno'. 'Is it on a beach?' 'I dunno'. 'Should we just go for it?' 'I guess so...'

Lo and behold, we got it right. How on earth?

After a shaky sports round (10/16), we were up by 6 points, feeling pretty good. I wanted to win, but as long as we beat PIFco (they are the fugly team that drink lots of wine and laugh horrible obnoxious fingernails on a chalkboard laughs, with 6 people on their team compared to just little ole me and Ronan), I was happy. Felt pretty good at the end, looking forward to seeing our score.

Quiz master hands back our sheets, and I'm so bummed to see we only got 27/36, for a final score of 95 - and we're told PIFco got a perfect score. I HATE PIFCO! I HATE THEM WITH THE FURY OF A THOUSAND SUNS, YOU BASTARDS! So as he reads the scores in reverse order, I sit there sulking the biggest sulk possible, muttering madly about my hatred for PIFco. 'Tied for third, with 93 points...blah blah, and in second...' 'i hate you PIFco, i hope you get attacked by rabied monkeys' 'with 94 points....' 'whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?' 'PIFco! and the winner tonight....with 95 points....the Pea Funks!'

So, as you can see, we owe our win (and the pot of £25) to little ole Bhaji on the Beach, worth 2 beautiful points, that allowed us to finally kick PIFco's ass. Long live Gurinder Chadha.

I'll save my harrasment by the lisping frenchman later on that night for another day...

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  1. BAH! One farking day I will win a pub quiz....just you wait pug quiz, your ass will be MINE.