Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Big Bad Bows

As you saw by my previous post, I was obviously quite taken by Aretha's a-mah-zing hat. Luckily, I wasn't the only one, and etsy had a very cool post about Aretha's Inaugural Splendor and the big bow trend.

Here are a few of my favourite bow hats available on etsy!

giant gingham bow hair band
courtesy of LoulouLovesYou
This would have been perfect for my Alice costume!

classic birdcage veil with satin bow
courtesy of topsyturvydesign
I would have loved a beautiful birdcage veil like this for my wedding!

black velour bow cloche

dark gypsy rose

black plague

BoringSidney's hats are so stunning, I just had to post more than one!
You can find more of her Unusual Hats and Headdresses here .

And if you're looking to get Aretha's hat for yourself, well, here's a little info for you! (Thanks LA Times!)
Aretha Franklin -- who has rocked her fair share of amazing headgear over the years --
wrapped her head in a crystal studded bow. The $179 hat, customized with Swarovski crystals,
came from Mr. Song Millinery in Detroit where
Luke Song has been making ladies dress hats for 25 years.

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