Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Oh say can you see?

Yesterday was of course the inauguration of our 44th president. I rushed home from work to watch as much as I could, complete with a bottle of champagne in the freezer. So I donned my cowboy hat and 'I only sleep with Democrats' shirt (a little unfair for my husband, I know, but I'm sure if he was entitled to vote in the US, he would most certainly be a registered Donkey. Or so I keep telling myself...), and we were ready to go! Apparently, more than 2 million people were in Washington DC to watch this event. I have to admit, I much prefer watching these types of events in the comfort of my own home (particularly in sub-zero temperatures).

The Good

A few obviouses here, of course.

Joey Boy!

First and foremost, by favourite, Joe-Joe 'Champ' Biden. I don't know what it is I love about this guy, but I think he's pretty cool. I think it's the chiclets smile combined with the perma-tan facelift, but he pulls it off with such panache, he just comes across as cool. Here he is getting sworn in.


Obama's swearing in was a bit anti-climactic. They ran about 30 minutes late, so the swearing in really was just ceremonial as he officially became president at 12 noon anyway. Oh well. And then there was the stumbling of the lines, etc. Oh well. He's still sexy (check out that grill!). And Michelle looked fab (see her feminine suede green glove holding the bible that Lincoln himself was sworn into office on). Now the party can start!

The Bad

These are obviouses, too. In fact, the first two don't even warrant comments.


Double blurg (look at that horrendous smirk)

Hey? Don't I know you?

This one's a bit mean, because I actually kind of like Hillary (kind of). But that face! The one she pulls whenever she's campaigning. Or talking. Or breathing. Enough already!

The Awesome!

*burp* pardon me

This has is the most amazing hat I have ever seen. While some may be swamped under such magnificence (Cheryl Cole, anybody?), Aretha pulls it off with such aplomb, I may just have to get one for myself!

Hello to you, too!

I have to admit I don't know much about Reverend Joseph Lowery. But anybody who can end their inauguration speech with as much awesomeness as him is okay in my book (plus his amazing work on Civil Rights...).

'Mend our brokenness, heal our wounds, and deliver us from the exploitation of the poor
...We walk together, pledging that we won't get weary in the difficult days ahead.'

Finally, he calls for the day:

'when brown can stick around
when yellow will be mellow
when the red man can get ahead, man,
and when white would embrace what is right'

Poetry man. Poetry.

And with that, I say Ahola!

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