Tuesday, 25 August 2009

LA Movie time!

A couple years ago, R and I watched a documentary at the Tate Modern about Los Angeles, and the movie industry. While many films are shot in Los Angeles, there aren't actually very many films about the city. Many of my british friends have noted that there aren't many landmarks in LA - that is to say nothing particular distinct or distinguishing. New York has the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and that very lovely skyline. London has Westminster, Big Ben, the Eye and the Thames. Even San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge. But Los Angeles is just street after street, lined with palm trees. Perhaps it's that bland, general feel that works so well as a backdrop for movies. I happen to disagree, but I also realise I'm very biased! I absolutely love the views from the Hollywood Hills at night, homes sparkling in the flat sprawl of the vast city. And did I mention, we have the most beautiful sunsets?

Well, I've been pretty homesick this summer, so R and I decided to do a 'themed' video rental week. This week: Los Angeles. We rented:


LA Confidential

Laurel Canyon

We finished Chinatown last night, and I really enjoyed it! Being as young as I am, I only remember Jack Nicholson as being 50+, so it's great to see him in the heyday. And my lord, is Faye Dunaway gorgeous! I'd also like to read more about the history of the city. Great noir mystery, though, with beautiful costumes and scenery. The only thing that turned me off was Roman Polanski. Not a fan of statutory rapists who flee their sentencings. Tempted to not watch, but glad I did. I just hate giving money to that jerk.

I saw LA Confidential years and years ago, and don't remember much at all, so I'm really looking forward to re-watching it (and understanding it a bit better!)

I remember Laurel Canyon coming out, but I don't know much about the premise. That was our wild card, as we needed a third film!

What's your favourite film about Los Angeles?

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