Tuesday, 1 September 2009

walking with dinosaurs

Last Wednesday, I was booked for a surprise early birthday treat! I left work a bit early and met R at the train station, and we headed into London. I couldn't think for the life of me where we'd be going. We headed towards Wembley, and I realised he was taking me to Walking with Dinosaurs! (hint: the train was crawling with children)

My co-worker booked tickets for this MONTHS ago (again, for his children) for the show, which had sold out as it was only showing for a week at the O2. I was so sad, as I love dinos, and would have loved it. Luckily, due to popular demand they brought it back, at Wembley, and R got some tix for us!

Basically, it's a 'live' dinosaur show. So yes, they are animatronic, but they look amazing and life-like! Some of the smaller dinosaurs were actually sort of puppet suits for people (a bit like The Lion King), so they could race around the stage. It was also educational, and they had a 'paleontologist' do a narrative about the flora and fauna and life. It was so adorable to see kids so interested and amazed! There were so many gasps and giggles and just plain fun in the air.

Afterwards, I was treated to fine dining, and we had dins at McDonalds. With an 'I <3 :d="" a="" and="" birthday="" br="" dino="" dinos="" foam="" fun="" great="" head="" me="" more-than-a-month-early="" onan="" pressie="" shirt="">

PS man, if you ever want to steal cute kids, get yourself a dino head! We had so many kiddies staring at us in amazement and awe, and they loved trying it on. So cute!

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  1. O my goodness!!!! so jealous over here! I so wanted to go to that. They were hosting it up here in London at the O2 but you know...."funds". *sighs* It looks like you had an amazing time! glad to hear it was well worth the money! :D x