Monday, 17 August 2009

been pretty un-busy

I haven't been up to much recently. The weekend of the 8-9 was spent doing nothing, and boy was it lovely. We were both recovering from the lurgie, so I finally ventured out of the house on Saturday and walked along the beach (coughing the whole way).

As I had taken 2 days off work (for being sick), I was so so rammed when I got back. And it didn't help that I was going on a trip to our printers for a tour for a couple days. Eep! But it was beautiful! A few of us from work left Tuesday afternoon, and drove up to Shaftesbury to our little BnB, and a curry. We spent the day touring the printers and learning a bit about print production. It was great to be out of the office for a few days (and all on expenses, you really can't complain!) A few little pics of the trip - we were in proper English countryside!

view from the pub

Golden Hill, where they apparently filmed the famous Hovis advert in the 70s

gorgeous English countryside

On the weekend, we took a trip to Westcliff in Essex to visit our friends Glenda and Dave and their little boy, James. We haven't seen them since March, and James is now 9 months old! It's amazing how fast they grow - he even has little teeth now! His hair was much darker when he was born, but it's turned pretty blond, and is super fluffy like a little bird!

doesn't that make you go, 'oooh I want one of those?'

James n' me, chillaxing at the beach

Babies, when they're newborn, are terrifying, but at this age, they develop such a sense of personality and curiousity about the world. I can definitely feel the broody factor growing after trips like this, but I also know we're just not in any financial position to consider kids right now. In the meantime, I love our friends having babies!

This week is pretty relaxed - but I need to get back into the exercise groove. I have done zero exercise since the triathlon, and it's starting to get a bit pathetic. I'm going for a swim tomorrow after work, and now that I have my bike back, I'll go for a little ride on Wednesday before my guitar class. And maybe, just maybe, we'll even go to the pub quiz that night! Oooh the exciting life of a married 20-something :)

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  1. Kira, that picture of you and James is so cute. You look like a natural. I can just see you now with your own Kira Jr!