Thursday, 11 March 2010

A Single Man House

Last night, we went to go see A Single Man.  I really enjoyed it, I thought it was lovely, beautiful, painfully sad, but a great movie experience.  But what did I fall in love with?  The most beautiful house in the world.  I've already told R I want to live in this house.  After a bit of hunting, not only did I find beautiful pictures of the most amazing house (see below) but I found out it's for sale!  Amazing!  And of course, it's in Los Angeles!  And only $1.5 million!  Now $1.5 million is obviously about.... $1.5million more than I have.  But!  That's not half bad.... A lot of houses in the South East of England will cost £700,000-£1million, and not be nearly as lovely as this house.

Beautiful beautiful beautiful house

So hopefully the next time I live in LA, I'll be living it large in my very own Beautiful House (that's the official TM name now).

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