Thursday, 11 March 2010

Rainbow pancakes

I don't take Valentine's Day very seriously.  In fact, most of my life has been filled with singlehood, so that might have something to do with it.  But I've always thought, 'Hey, if you love someone, why do you need a special day to show affection?'  And for the most part, I still agree with that.  Our first Valentine's Day, R and I got takeaway Chinese (2-4-1 special, ka-ching!) and had cheap Cava.  We've stepped it up a bit recently, though, and have somehow got in the habit of going to Planet India (my fave restaurant in Brighton - veggie Indian).  But in the morning, I decided I wanted to do something special.  Now, R was very impressed and they were yummy, but they didn't quite turn out how I wanted.  In fact, I'm debating whether to show the original inspiration for them.  I'll post mine first and see if I've made up my mind by then...

First, I made the batter.  Then I separated it into 6 bowls.

This is my favourite - it looks like an egg!

The colours were so vibrant, it looked fantastic!  Then I cooked each colour individually and made a stack.  But I forgot, of course, that when you cook pancakes, the outsides brown.  So I was a bit dissappointed with the final ... presentation.  But they were a surprise and R loved them (and they were delicious, of course)!

Okay, I've decided to show the original ones because boy oh boy were they amazing.  And probably (definitely?) photoshopped, so that makes me feel better.

I found them on Oh Dee Doh, one of Apartment Therapy's babies.

So lovely and thick and bright and everything mine weren't but I'm still pretty darn impressed!  I will definitely make them again sometime :)

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  1. ive been obsessing about rainbow food lately too! I just think days would be a 1000x better if we had some rainbow food during the day. how can you look at it and not be excited!?!?!?