Friday, 8 January 2010

to gym or not to gym

The first weekend of the new year is always full of excited anticipation and new resolve for the upcoming year.  I went out and bought some new work clothes, ran 5 miles on Sunday and vowed to get my butt in gear.  And Monday, why Monday was even better!  Off to the gym I went, and had a great workout which left me sore all week, plus a bit of hot tub action.  Tuesday, I decided I needed a day of rest, to recover from my intense workout the previous day.  Whoops.  Wednesday brought us snow, ice, doom, death, etc, which is meant to continue well into next week.  Eep!  It's not that we're covered ass deep in snow.  No.  It's that the roads melt and re-freeze, yikes!  What's a girl to do (especially if she doesn't want to break her neck???).

Running outdoors is definitely out of the question.  Look what we're dealing with here, people:

Palmeira Ave looking north

Looks like I'm gonna have to ice skate to the gym today...

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  1. Ken the feeling! It's pretty bad here too. Yesterday I saw a girl totally fall and almost die. True story. I offered to pick up her bag...but then felt too awkward and ran away.