Saturday, 2 January 2010

2009 in review

2010's already upon us, but I wanted the chance to go over my 2009, and remember some of my fave pics during the year.


We spent Christmas and New Year in LA last year, which was such a treat. We had glorious weather (for the most part), and it's times like these (slush, rain, sleet, snow, ice) where I really miss those LA sunshine days. This particular day, we went on a bike ride along the beach with my stepmom H, and her boyfriend J. Look at that sky! It's January, and R's in a t-shirt. I love it!


Back home, and back to reality. February, we were hit with the most snow I've seen in the UK (especially living near the beach!). It was really exciting at first, and R and I went out the first night it fell to walk along the sea front. Unfortunately, the snow quickly turns to slush, then ice, but it was lovely while it lasted!


We didn't do much in March...we were going back to LA in April, and the weather had been miserable non-stop for about 3 months, so I was counting the days until we could leave again. But we were lucky enough to catch a showing of Waiting for Godot at the Brighton Theatre, with Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart. Amazing! It was a great performance, and I'm glad I had a chance to see it.


My cousin had her wedding in April, and it was great to get out to LA again. This is the second day we were back, and we met Jen at the Farmer's Market/Grove for a bit of a wander. It was just so nice to relax and enjoy ourselves. It gets harder and harder to come back after days like that.


May brought us our one year wedding anniversary. I knew R was planning something, but I didn't know what he was up to. On Friday morning, I woke up to get ready for work, but R said, 'Nope, no need to go in'. He had called my boss and booked me the day off work! Then he picked up the rental car, and told me we were off to Looe, in Cornwall, for the weekend. So exciting! We stayed in the cutest little B&B with the most amazing view. It was absolutely heavenly, and I was spoiled to bits. I can't wait for this year, and I get to plan our weekend this time :)


R and I had a chance to go up to Edinburgh for Zonko's birthday. It was the first time we were both up since the wedding. It was a great mini break, and so nice to see our burger friends, whom I really miss! The day after Zonko's birthday party, a whole bunch of us went to Hailes Castle near North Berwick, and enjoyed the sunshine.


The marriage of the monkeys! R's brother O had his wedding in July, to the lovely M, and it was such an amazing wedding. They had it at M's folks' place, with the ceremony in a sheep hut and had teepees for the reception. Unfortunately, it rained like crazy, but it was nice and cozy inside.


I completed my first ever tri in August, the London Triathlon - olympic distance. I was sick a couple weeks beforehand, and had a pretty bad relapse the week after, so I definitely was not in top shape for the race, but it was such an accomplishment to finish. I also raised over £1000 for Fairbridge, which was astounding. This year, I want to train even harder and get a time I can be proud of!


Both R and I celebrate our birthdays in September. He's the 5th and I'm the 30th. This year, we turned 33 and 25! He had some old gorilla slippers that I got him ages ago, but they disintegrated, so I got him these tiger ones (so he could match our pet tiger, Oscar). He was super pleased with them, and they are so so comfy!


I love Halloween!!! We started planning our costume in September, tee hee! Obviously, we're Kermit and Miss Piggy (we had a Kermit and Miss Piggy wedding cake topper). J&K came down and we just went out in town in Brighton. So much fun, I can't wait for next year :)


November was another month of birthdays. We celebrated Kate's birthday in the middle of the month, which included a very large assortment of flavoured vodka shots. Oh dear. I seem to be particularly fond of the birthday cake flavour, but I think I'm alone in my taste. It didn't end up too messy for me (surprisingly) but poor R did not manage to escape unscathed. One of the very few nights where I have to look after him and not vice versa!


I love Christmas time, and had taken loads of photos around town of decorations, and our Christmas Party, and our tree, etc. Unfortunately, my camera was stolen in December, boo hoo. But I'll leave you with our Christmas card, which I love!

A little late, but now that I've done this, I can get focused on 2010! Happy New Year!

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