Friday, 8 January 2010

365 Project

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to try and learn a bit more about photography, and be better about documenting my life.  This includes taking more pictures, as well as organizing and editing the pictures I already have.  I also decided to try and do the 365 project this year, and I started on the 1st.  Take a look at my pics, I update them everyday!

Wednesday's Photo
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So far, I'm really enjoying it, but I think I'll definitely run into trouble thinking of ideas of pics.  But so far, so good!


  1. Uh, what's redunckulous? The fact the Flickr only lets you post 200 pics...and then MAKES YOU PAY! EVIL! Are you paying?


  2. Yah but you can do so much with it! It's $25/year, totally worth it if you have loads of pictures. Do the 365 project with me!

  3. what a great resolution, I'll just be going for the usual post-christmas fail diet me thinks! loving the new blog lay out by the way! xx