Sunday, 31 May 2009

Anniversary part two

So after having an enjoyable Thursday off last week to visit my Uncle and cousin in London, I woke up on Friday, thinking I only have one more day of work until the bank holiday. So the alarm goes off at 7, and R asks me to set the alarm for 8. 'Well, how about 7.30? I have to get to work'...'No you don't'. Whaaa? R secretly booked the day off work for me. Very intrigued....

So we had a nice breakfast, and R said he needed to pop out for a bit, but he'd be back soon. I wasn't sure what he was up to, I thought possibly getting lunch supplies, or even picking up secret guests??? Anyway at about 10, he comes back, and tells me to pack a bag. Whaaa? He rented a car and we were going to a secret destination! Then he realised I needed to be map girl, so I get to know where we're going. A lovely 4 day trip to Cornwall! Looe, to be precise! Yay!!!!! Once again, I was completely and utterly spoiled, and am the luckiest gal alive.

We decided to take the costal route, and drove along the south of England from Brighton to Southampton, to Poole, to Dorchester, to Exeter, to Plymouth and finally to Cornwall. It was lovely and sunny and fanastic. He had booked a little guest house, The Gulls Hotel, with the most AMAZING views out the bay window.

We spent Friday night enjoying yummy pub food, fish n'chips and scampi!

On Saturday, we did the coastal hike to the next village, Polperro. It took about 4 hours, and was sunny the whole way. We even ran into some horses!

The big one in the front came up to me - I was worried he was going to headbutt me but apparently he was just being friendly (sorry, I get worried when big animals come near me, basic human instinct of self-preservation, methinks). Unfortunately, I didn't have any carrots or food for him, but he appreciated a little nose stroke.

On Sunday, we went a bit further into Cornwall and visited the Eden Project. It's basically a multi-million pound hippy dream. They've built two 'biomes', one with Mediterranean flora and one with Rainforest. They are definitely pretty cool, but I'm not really sure the point? I thought the information about local produce and plants was much more interesting because it showed what you could actually do in your own backyard, and how to source local and organice fruits and veg. They had a great allotment center, and it really inspired us to get our butts into gear to get a garden! (someday...sigh)

It was such a lovely weekend, and really great to do a romantic holiday. We're lucky in that we get to travel a lot back home to LA, or out to France, but they're always 'family holidays', where we stay with our parents. This was such a beautiful trip to spend alone.

It was funny, seeing so many families around, because it makes you appreciate the 'alone' time we spend together. Once we have kids, we won't get to do these kinds of holidays anymore. I think a trip to Looe with a few MCKs in tow would be brilliant and so much fun, but just a totally different experience. It's nice to take advantage of just the two of us for awhile

Here are a few more pictures of Cornwall. I can't wait to go back :)

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