Sunday, 10 May 2009

Star Trek

I have to admit, as a trekkie, I was slightly apprehensive about the latest Star Trek film (aptly called Star Trek 90210 in the Guardian). I've been watching Star Trek for at least 15 years now - I started with The Next Generation, and loved watching it after dinner with my mom on Wednesday nights. I remember when they started showing The Original Series again, I was so surprised by how gimmicky it looked (funny how TNG now looks like that to me!). But my mom told me how amazing and wonderful it was to watch the show growing up in the 60's, a more optimistic view of the future rather than the doom and gloom dystopias normally used for science fiction/future worlds. I started to really enjoy TOS, and could see how great the show was with the limited effects they had. The point wasn't the amazing sets or fight scenes or technology, it was about normal life - racism, fear, adventure, sexism, compromise, diplomacy, etc, just set in a different time. The same is true for the series that followed (my faves being TNG and Voyager - although how could I not love Major Kira in Deep Space Nine!)

So 5 series, 10 movies and several book later, I was nervous that in the effort to 'mass market' Star Trek, they film would lose the essence of what makes it Star Trek.

But I did really really enjoy it. I had a few niggles with it (what's the the RANDOM aliens??? This isn't Star Wars and Mose Eisley, there are established aliens in Star Trek!) but all in all, I thought it was a great transfer, and I thought all the characters were awesome (Bones and Scotty being my faves!). It was definitely more action packed and technically 'cool' than previous films, and it worked really well. It managed to keep the same relationships and comedy and nerdiness of the series, and still be a summer block buster hit. I'm looking forward to future films with the 90210 cast!

But of course, now I'm excited about watching the first 10 films all over again, starting with Star Trek: The Motion Picture! R's not very excited about this (he liked the movie but not that much...) but I'm sure I can convince him :)

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