Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Tree Decorations

I love love love Christmas tree decorations. A couple years ago, we ended up buying a 'starter pack' at WHSmith, and it was shite. Absolutely shite. So we're starting fresh this year (well, keeping the super cute red berry lights). Here are a few of my faves!

Embossed Metal Heart Decorations - Velvet

Glitter Wobble Leg Santas - John Lewis

I hate sprouts glass bauble - Homebase

Little London Telephone Box - Liberty

Reindeer Mini Decorations - Paperchase

I've also found a lovely tutorial from Attic 24 for these badboys (which I will be making, en masse, all night, thank you very much):

I think we're going to have a pretty snazzy looking tree, if I don't say so myself...

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  1. I can't WAIT to bust out the christmas thingies! But unfort we have to disassemble a chair first (because god knows we are NOT moving my yarn stash!) and stu hasn't shown me where the ikea screw/wrench things are yet. But I am super excited to make ornaments! There are some yarn ones on ravelry that might be a good way to use up my stash of odd bits and ball of yarn. Stu and I have a tradition to buy a special ornament for each year (which kinda started late), so we have two special ornaments from Edinburgh and one from San Fran, and are looking to get our first one in London. The plan is to phase out all the ghetto glass ones from Asda and replace them with much nicer/homemade ones. But I have to finish reading this massive book first. Almost done!