Thursday, 10 December 2009


Just about my fave show on TV is Location Location Location. Maybe it's envy, maybe it's middle class porn, whatever. I love it! And I love Phil and Kirstie.

I love Kirstie's style. She is just lovely and so personable. Look at that grace!

Do you know what else I love?


So what could possibly be better than Kirstie AND Christmas???

I've enjoyed it the past two nights, but unfortunately will miss tonight's as I'm about to head out for my book group meeting. Last night was so cozy, watching lovely gifts being made with care, whilst I was crocheting and working on my own little handmade gifts.

There have been so many Christmas programmes on TV so far this month, and I just love it. Luckily, R indulges me, and puts up with the endless carols and mince pies (so hard, I know!)

Only two more weeks left to get those pressies finished!


  1. I love Kirstie too!!!! We were watching it and i LOVE the way she dresses, feminine without being prissy. I need more dresses! I also love that the stuff she makes doesn't come out perfectly but you can tell she enjoys trying! did you see the series she did when she was redoing all the rooms in her Devon house? Fantastic!

  2. I loved it!!! I'm not a christmas/crafts person, but she got even me excited! It's just such a shame that it was broadcast so close to christmas. Should've been on a few weeks before so my flat could've smelled all piney and christmassy. :)