Wednesday, 2 February 2011

London Triathlon - been there done that

So Monday was the last day to enter into the London Triathlon.

and I'm not on that list.

I'm a little sad about it, it's something I wanted to do every since I moved to the UK, and I've done it two years in a row (remember?)

I just honestly don't have the time or engery to put in the effort I would expect of myself.  In fact, I don't think I'll be entering any races this year.  Maybe 2012?  Right now, my goal is just to make it to the gym, or go for a run, once or twice a week.  I think once the weather improves, and the days are lighter longer, this will be easier to achieve.

But I have made it to the gym the past 2 Sundays for 2 hours each!  I walk R to the train station then head down, do 45 minutes on the cross trainer, 30 minutes doing weights, 20 minutes swimming and then relax in the hot tub/steam room.  It's a good routine to get in, and I hope to carry on with it.

I'll also make it to the gym tomorrow after work, and will hopefuly schedule in a run next Thursday when I work from home (weather permitting, of course!)

How are your 2011 fitness resolutions coming along?


  1. Sounds like a plan Kira! I think this is a well deserved break from the intensity of racing.

    I went to the gym twice this week and went snowboarding last Sunday. And the week before, I went to the gym three times so I feel pretty good! I want to start lifting weights but I need to come up with a routine. Got any tips?

  2. You're doing awesome Jen!!! I have this great weight lifing book for women, I'll bring it with me in June (did you know we're coming???)