Monday, 21 June 2010

world cup world cup

I've caught the World Cup fever something fierce!

I've got my two teams I'm routing for.  First (of course) is the USA, Group C.  Being in England, it's pretty tough supporting a team that more likely than not might just knock their team out (after England's abysmal performance last Friday...).  But I'm looking forward to watching USA v Algeria and Slovenia v England on Wednesday.  And check out my USA pride (and not how gross our windows are)!

I also made a 'stars n stripes' outfit to wear, but I was too chicken to wear it out for the England v USA match!  But I wore the top to the top for the Slovenia v USA game, and someone even commented on it!

My other team is my work sweepstake draw - Uruguay, Group A.

There has been some discussion on pronounciation at work.  Everyone here seems to think it's Yoor-u-guay. But of course, if you actually want to say it correctly, it's Oor-u-guay, because that's how you pronounce it in Spanish.  But that doesn't stop anyone from saying it exactly how they want to say it (which is the wrong way).

So far, so good, and both teams should should should qualify to the next stage.  Woot woot!

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