Thursday, 9 April 2009

Pre-Holiday Jitters!

Courtesy of alanbradyie.

There is nothing sweeter than logging off your computer at work right before a nice lovely holiday. That is exactly how I felt about 2 hours ago - the rush to make sure everything was finished, and being able to tick off the final thing on my to do list. My boss is so sweet, and left me a chocolate bunny to have for Easter when I can finally have sweets again!

We have all the pre-flight panic of trying to check in early (can't because we're flying Virgin, but booked through Continental), checking if I have my passport (I will most certainly check about 23 times en route tomorrow), making sure I packed my contact lense solution (check) birth control (check) dress for wedding (check).

But I just love that excitement in the air! So I've stocked up on pizza for tonight, eggs and veggie sausages for the morning and plenty o'beers to watch our last episode of The Wire for the next 10 days!

Last time we went to LA, it was for Christmas (not that long ago) and I had a great time, but it still feels weird going back. Like it's going home, but not quite familiar enough to be home. We're so lucky to be able to go back so soon, but I also know we won't be able to go back for awhile after this, so I have to savour it while I can. It's always really hard for me because I'm so close with my family and this just reminds me how far away I really am. Saying goodbye is going to be really tough because I don't know when I'll see them again.

We have lots on the agenda, including whale watching, mini golfing, Bruce Springsteen, wedding rehersal, cousin's wedding, post-wedding pool party and trying to stuff in friends and family! I also have to make sure not to slack on my triathlon training, so I'm going to try and get a couple ocean swims in if it's warm enough.

Hopefully, I'll be a bit better about taking pictures this time!

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  1. Bring me back Graham Crackers!!!!!!! PLEASE! And...and...and entire Old Navy.